Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ART: Is it Natural?

"My first exposure to Young Living was doing cancer research using their line of essential oils. What impressed me the most about Young Living was the quality, purity and consistency of their products. So, when I heard about their new skin care regimen that utilized the benefits of essential oils, I knew I had to try it! This product is unique because it combines the technology of DNA recovery enzymes with pure essential oils, to create a synergy not found in other anti-aging products on the market. As a committed user, I am so impressed with the way ART has made my skin feel. Its ability to moisturize my dry skin without weighing it down or clogging my pores is critical for me. Even my husband has noticed my softer, clearer skin! As a scientist, I am very impressed with the research and the quality of ingredients in these products, but as a woman, I am enjoying the way it makes my skin feel and benefiting from the results."

Nicole Stevens, Biochemist

My wife shares ART with our family, friends and neighbors. She told my sister that ART was an all-natural skin care formula. Most of us may believe this\.

I have looked at the ingredients for ART. It is not all natural, it is loaded with harsh chemicals. Why? Why did Gary Young formulate a product that is chalk-full of synthetic chemicals? If the oils are what's making your skin feel nice why not just apply the oils to your skin?

The truth, Young Living?

Marc Schreuder

I'm an Evangelical Christian. Christ is the Lord. He is Risen and offers us second chances, Amen. I am a sinner just like the rest of my neighbors but am washed clean in the blood of Christ the King. I do not judge my neighbor for I shall likewise be judged. And if a man sinneth against you; you shall forgive him seven times seventy.

Young Living’s director of formulations is a man named Marc Schreuder. He may be Gary Young’s closest friend and confidant. We’ve all heard about Marc and Gary’s recent trip to Africa and we’ve read their book about wolfberries.

Who is Marc Schreuder? What are his qualifications to formulate products? What is his education? What college or university did he attend? This man is telling me about inflammation and that I should take a certain supplement to counteract the dangers of inflammation. If you don’t understand what I just said just ask Marc. His email is

Is it also true that Marc Schreuder is a murderer? Did Marc Schreuder murder his grandfather? If he did, fine. That is up to Christ the Lord to forgive. I may accept that he has been washed clean of his transgression but I do not have to be comfortable with a murderer formulating a pill I give my child.

I do not judge Marc Schreuder. I just want to know the truth. And I want to know how he is qualified to formulate. The truth, Young Living?

Are they Young Living Oils?

My intention is not to defame Young Living Essential Oils. I like their oils and I enjoy some of their products. I’m afforded a modest supplement to my income by being an independent distributor. These questions are sincere. I want you to know that.

My background is in materials management. I work for a company that manufactures products for other companies. Let me give you an example. Company “A” wants to market a widget. They don’t have the capability to make a widget so they contact Company “B” who can make a widget. Company “B” works with Company “A” to design and manufacture the widget. Often, Company “A” has an idea but lacks the necessary expertise to formulate or design the widget, so Company “B” does it for them. Each widget is then labeled as being a Company “A” product without their customers’ knowledge.

In this instance I am certain that many if not most Young Living products are manufactured by a third party that we’ve never heard of. And my guess is that these other companies (called “Vendors”) are formulating the majority of Young Living’s products.

We’ve all been to, seen or read about Young Living’s farms. Their farm in Mona has lavender, clary sage, peppermint and a few other plants. There are no orange trees. There isn’t any helicrysm. So if these aren’t grown at one of Young Living’s farms, who is growing them and who is distilling them?

There’s nothing wrong with another company manufacturing products for you. As long as you’re honest about it. But one question: if another vendor is selling Young Living their essential oils, are these same oils being sold to other companies around the world?

Let’s take Orange Essential Oil. Orange oil is pressed out of the rind of an orange. To my knowledge Young Living doesn’t own any orange groves. So, who is growing oranges for Young Living? May we get a name? Are they organic? Does Young Living cold press oranges or does another company cold press oranges for them? If so, can we get a name? Do they sell their orange oil to other companies?

None of these things are, of themselves, criminal. There’s nothing wrong with it, if you’re honest. But the point here is that “The World Leader in Essential Oils” is just a middle man for the majority of its oils. They are Company “A” and want to sell essential oils. They can’t possibly grow that many plants so they contract it to Companies B, C, D, E…

There may be a very good chance that the oils you buy from Young Living come from the same vendor as the oils you can buy from another company. Young Living, is this true?

And if it is true, why should I pay more for your oils when I can buy the exact same oils from another company and they are the SAME oils?

Is it natural?

I have high expectations from each company from whom I purchase a product. I want to get what I am paying for. If I am buying a discount brand at a discount retail center I expect to get a discount product and all that it entails.

Young Living’s products are high-end products, well, at least their prices are. So, are we getting what we’re paying for?

We read on Young Living’s own website, “Thieves Household Cleaner is a natural all-purpose concentrate that can be used in every room in your home, without the harsh chemicals.” Is this true? Is Thieves Household Cleaner really “natural?” My education is in materials management. I know what materials are.

Does Young Living want to stick to its story that Thieves Household Cleaner is natural?
Since it isn’t, who formulated it? The label says Gary Young. Is this true? Why hasn’t Young Living been honest about their product? You have distributors with websites claiming to be “Growing up Green with Young Living.” Are Young Living’s products Green? Distributors seem to think so. We just want the truth.

I like the product. Thieves Cleaner is a very nice product. It isn't natural, it isn't green. It is filled with chemicals. And if Gary Young formulated it I want to know why he made a product that isn't natural.

What is Young Living Essential Oils?

Young Living Essential Oils is a network marketing company headquartered in Lehi, Utah. Founded by Gary Young, the company claims to be "The World Leader in Essential Oils." With annual revenue of $100 million, they are beginning to see success in international markets. Young Living has offices in the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and rumors exist that the company is considering a new base of operations in Monterrey, Mexico. Owners of four farms (Ecuador, France, Idaho and Utah) the company is best known for their lavender essential oil.

As a distributor (Yes, I am still a distributor with Young Living) I have sincere questions and concerns about the company’s practices. When I approach the company for honest answers I am ignored. Perhaps together, with enough critical mass, we can be heard.